Smile Make Over

A beautiful smile is the key to your confidence. Many of us are embarrassed of showing our teeth in public due to imperfections. If that is the case with you, a smile makeover at Classic Dental Arts could help you get your best possible smile.

The purpose of smile makeovers is to look beyond responding to dental problems as they arise and design a custom smile plan suited to your needs. Depending upon your aesthetic preferences and current facial features, a smile makeover can give you quite dramatic results.

When you come for a free smile makeover consultation at Classic Dental Arts, we follow the below steps to give you the perfect set of teeth:

  • Taking your inputs: Communication is the key to understanding what you don’t like about your smile and what you would like changed. We will ask you questions about whether you like the color, shape, alignment, spacing etc. of your teeth and whether there are any specific things you would like to change in your smile.
  • Evaluating your current smile: Our dental experts will first perform an evaluation of your current smile and see what changes you may need in order to make it perfect. They will also give their inputs for the best treatment options according to your oral health and your overall facial features.
  • Showing you a trial smile: We make use of digital 3D modeling, temporary restorations and computer imaging to help you visualize what your new smile is going to look like.
  • Making your new smile: Once you are happy with the trial smile, we will begin the process of your smile makeover.

If you are looking for a perfect smile makeover that will give you the chance to flaunt the smile of your dreams, schedule an appointment at Classic Dental Arts today. Call us at (732) 301-6333.

Our Happy Customers

"The best!! Had a cleaning done and teeth whitening . Both were quick, painless, and my teeth look the best they ever have. If you dont go here you deserve a cavity. 😀😄😄"


"The only dentist for me. Would not go to any other. I have a great smile now. Thank you Dr. Karas 😆😆😆😆 I can not reccommend Dr. Karas enough!!! He is patient and will explain everything about what needs to be done, and any options. He is the 1st dentist I have been to that can give a needle in my gum, and you barely feel it!!!! He prides himself on listening to the patient, and wants his customers to feel satisfied, and it shows!❤"


"An fantastic experience I recommend this place to everyone my smile is so beautiful now !!❤️ Thank you dr. Karas !!!"

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