Digital X-rays

Why are X-Rays Needed?

  • To look for problems such as tooth decay, dental injuries, and damage to the bones supporting the teeth. Dental X-rays often find these problems early, before symptoms appear.
  • To identify teeth that do not break through the gum properly or are not in the right place. These are called impacted teeth.
  • To find abscesses, solid growths, and cysts.
  • To check for permanent teeth growing in the jaw in children who still have their primary (or baby) teeth.
  • To make a treatment plan for extensive cavities, placement of dental implants, root canal surgery, and difficult tooth removals.
  • To make a treatment plan for teeth that are not aligned correctly.

What Is a Digital X-Ray?

Digital radiography is one of the best innovations available to dentists over the last decade. An electronic image is taken of the teeth and stored in a computer, which can then be viewed on a computer monitor. Because digital X-rays use an electronic sensor instead of X-ray film, patients are subjected to less radiation than with standard dental X-rays.

What Are the Reasons to Have X-Rays?

Children — Check for the location of permanent teeth growing in children’s jaws who still have their primary or baby teeth. Often, a primary tooth may need to be removed to allow space for the proper development of the permanent tooth growing behind it.

Mouth problems — Damage to bones supporting the teeth, tooth decay and dental injuries such as a broken root can be found this way. X-rays enable a dentist to find such problems early before symptoms are present.

Discover and treat misaligned teeth — Impacted teeth or those that are too crowded to break through the gums are usually found during an X-ray.

Discovery of abnormal growths — X-rays reveal tumors, cysts, and abscesses should they exist.

Treatment planning — X-rays are always called for in the case of root canal surgery, dental implants, difficult tooth removal, and extensive cavities.

Orthodontic treatment — Invisalign® and traditional braces are made possible through X-rays.

Without X-rays, dentists may miss the early stages of decay between teeth.

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