Dental Vibe

Pain-free injections? How can an injection be painless? Is that an oxymoron? Well not really! There is a new dental technology that is sweeping thru dental offices. People are finding out about and love it! It’s called dental vibe! What is it? Well putting simply, it is a variable speed vibrator that helps the dentist position and deeply vibrates the site of the injection without actually moving the tissue around it but holds it steady and taut. But what does that accomplish you say?

Well, nerve pathways and vibration pathways share and cross from the mouth to the brain. When the pressure vibration nerve pathways get stimulated the pain stimulus get blocked. Therefore NO PAIN during injection! It is a new breakthrough in dental pain management during dental needle anesthesia. Go ahead and try it. You will be pleasantly surprised. There is simply no better way to get pain free dental injections!

This new advance its great tool in the trained hand of the dentist. Here at Classic Dental Arts, we want our patients to experience pain-free dental injections. This is why we made it available to every single visit, to every single patient every day! So come on don’t put up with the touch of dental needles try the dental vibe, you will only feel “the low humming vibration” of the unit and not the needle! So go ahead check out the patient reviews on dental vibe pain-free injection system and try It today for yourself. I promise you will love us in all your visits!!!

Our Happy Customers

"The best!! Had a cleaning done and teeth whitening . Both were quick, painless, and my teeth look the best they ever have. If you dont go here you deserve a cavity. 😀😄😄"


"The only dentist for me. Would not go to any other. I have a great smile now. Thank you Dr. Karas 😆😆😆😆 I can not reccommend Dr. Karas enough!!! He is patient and will explain everything about what needs to be done, and any options. He is the 1st dentist I have been to that can give a needle in my gum, and you barely feel it!!!! He prides himself on listening to the patient, and wants his customers to feel satisfied, and it shows!❤"


"An fantastic experience I recommend this place to everyone my smile is so beautiful now !!❤️ Thank you dr. Karas !!!"

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